NLP Trainer Training

The “12-Day Excel as an NLP Trainer” Training is the essential stepping-stone to becoming an NLP Trainer certifying in all Levels of NLP (Foundation, Practitioner, Masters). The training is built on NLP elements in way that you will download the essence of NLP in a very profound and practical manner.

A purpose motivates every learning and training result. Our purpose-driven orientation helps you elicit what is most important to you, as a trainer, and how to elicit the higher- level values of your participants. The Trainer Training tools and skills help you to cut-to- the-chase to the outcome and long-term results of the training.

You will be provided with structures, templates and scripts that help you organize materials, design content and hands-on exercises and interactive tools to motivate best multi-sensory comprehension and engage participants to demonstrate their new skills easily and immediately. Learn how to apply multiple feedback models in a way you can measure exactly how much your students have learned.

You will feel proud and rewarded about how you teach, meeting the training outcomes and bringing out the best in your learners. Become a charismatic trainer attracting students wanting to learn from you!

This training makes you one of the very few SNLP certified trainers of India, the UAE and the East shining within the light of the original and highest level of NLP and the deepest pool of knowledge in NLP to feel confident and be qualified to certify Practitioners and Masters in NLP. This training qualifies you to become a Conscious Solutions Trainer Partner if you wish to work with us.