Further Trainings

Further Trainings

Conscious Solutions offers a variety of additional trainings that are stand alone modules with CS International Certificationwith a minimum of a curriculum of 2 days.

Conscious Solutions focuses on the pragmatic and practical application to address challenges people experience in their personal and professional lives. These modules are also often called “Applied NLP or Applied EI” as the focus is on the area of live or career to be mastered and the content and exercises are designed around those areas.

All Partner Trainers are invited and can contribute to design programs to best address our clients and the public need for further increasing advanced adult education for Personal & Professional Excellence, which means the field is infinite.

Conscious Solutions also has a valuable and expanded corporate topic materials bank available for their Partner Trainers, for example:

The 5 Keys for Sales, Corporate Soft Skills Facilitator, Marketing Excellence, Enhancing Leadership, Accountability & Efficiency Booster, Team Enhancement, Business Communication, Customer Service, Change Management, Time Management, , and more…

Give your training a global touch!

Conscious Solutions offers certification for your independent workshops and trainings.

Being able to certify through Conscious Solutions International Certification (CSC) will add to your branding, advertisement and credibility providing any courses or trainings. CSC significantly adds integrity to you as a certifier.

Many times organizations offer trainings but wish to have better content. You may receive assistance for improved content through us.

Often trainers who conduct short duration workshops or training programs on self-development, or specialize themselves in training on specific skills, find that something is missing when they end a training. Your participants have worked hard and put in their time and energy for the betterment of your organization. Most of them thrive and give their very best; the program is winding up, and now what…?

There is this empty moment at the end of a program because the sense of togetherness is going to abruptly change so quickly when parting.

There is a strong sense of comradery and togetherness in any self-development and behavioral skill trainings as opening up created closeness. At the end of a program there is this empty moment because the sense of togetherness is going to abruptly change so quickly when parting.

Don’t you think your leader/employee/participant deserves a hurray, a praise or a symbol to say “Thank you”? A valid international certificate at the end of a training is a gift that you can give to express your gratitude and to leave your participants with a reward, exemplifying “ending on a very high note”.

It is a value in today’s world to obtain a certificate and your employees will greatly enjoy receiving such. Certifying through a known international organization makes you stand out, rewards you by the feedback of your leaders/employees, raises the value of the skill training or education you offer, and gives you a cutting edge in this competitive global market.

A few of the example courses that are eligible for CS certification are:

  • Leadership
  • Corporate etiquette for graduating students
  • Confidence Building
  • Personality Development or Soft Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Teamwork
  • Prevent Conflict / Conflict Resolution
  • Accountability
  • Communication Skills
  • Sales

Any training module designed to transform behavior and raise performance of a private business, as well as a corporate or professional group, or organization counts.

CSC only certifies non-technical trainings. CSC guides you with an over-all standard for any program’s content. Our CSC content writer and finally the Vice President will assist you if any moderations should be required. Mostly as long as the trainings help the participant to perform better personally or professionally, you are eligible to apply for our membership.

Your membership with us will exceed your expectations with heart-centered guidance, assistance, and support. You will soon be proud to be a CSC member.

Enroll to fix an appointment to check the eligibility of your training program and to become a Conscious Solutions certifier and member.