Emotional Intelligence for Happiness & Success

Course & Curriculum Overview

This Emotional Intelligence 2-day Foundation Certification course empowers you to understand the phenomena of emotions, eliminate any limiting emotions, build the ability to feel the richness of positive emotions and significantly improve the quality of relationships.

Self-awareness is about understanding yourself and your emotions so you can better understand others and someone else’s emotions. Emotional Intelligence is more and more in demand from corporate and business groups because happy leaders and employees measurably increase their productivity levels. It is important for any relationship personally or professionally and for team to improve supporting and nurturing each other and increase the ability to emotionally motivation for greater performance.

The Foundation Level of Emotional Intelligence gives you powerful solutions and skills to:

  • Transform worry, over thinking and stress into positive attitudes and beliefs.
  • have greater happiness, relaxation and joy
  • achieve enhanced performance and success

This program will provide measurable tools to help you handle anger, anxiety and stress personally and professionally. You will receive practical tools to:

  • Transform emotions that create negative effects into resourceful states of mind.
  • Strengthen emotions that support your goals and bring you more satisfaction, joy and happiness.
  • Express emotions appropriately and authentically. Learn emotional intelligent and effective communication.
  • Enhances your personal and professional satisfaction and success.


  • Understand Emotional Intelligence related to The EI 4 Quadrants from Daniel Goleman
  • Learn more details about what fabric your emotions are made of in your brain and body.
  • Understand Emotional triggers and hot spots. Discover how to catch them at the on-set
  • Pinpoint and understand emotions correctly. 80% of emotions are not identified or inaccurately named and dealt with. Identify your emotions more correctly and instantly and reflect on the numerous labels and assumptions of emotions.
  • Transform limbic reactions into a new consciously decided relationships with any emotion.
  • Recognize what an emotion attempts to signal to deal with the emotions more easily.
  • Interrupt limiting emotional states and apply a powerful technique to bring forth resourceful states.
  • Use Emotion Yoga to accept any emotions and build the ability to consciously step in and out of them.
  • Enjoy Laughter Meditation.
  • Use techniques to release “fire emotions” like frustration and anger successfully.
  • Draw a rainbow of positive emotions to increase joy and happiness.
  • Transform emotional resistance into assistance by stopping to fight emotions and accept them more consciously.
  • Understand the emotional labeling process and differentiate interpretation and judgment from rational evaluations.
  • Enforce rational factual language for emotional conscious responses.
  • Define your emotional boundaries needed for emotional health. The Emotional Health Model.
  • Experience a “Mini-Psychology” learning to identify your emotional defense mechanisms, roles and root causes of your emotional issues.
  • Identify the “Psychological Layers” and your protection patterns. There are 7 emotional childhood core wounds. You will experience yours which will give you an in-depth knowledge about your emotional issues and where they come from.
  • Identify your core emotional pain, release and heal your childhood wound.
  • Apply a powerful fast-acting change technique that brings greater confidence, determination, and emotional well-being into your life.
  • Experience extensive “Laughter Meditation” and “Conscious Crying” session to regulate body chemistry and help to bring balance into your oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin cycles.
  • Find and nourish an inner Neutral Place where your inner silence and peace can be honed. This is where EQ and SP (Spiritual Quotient) go hand in hand.
  • Apply: The Five Keys for Emotional Intelligence as a daily booster

People who are happy are in a flow with themselves and their environment and so produce more. Many family members join and send other family members and many corporate groups send their leaders, supervisors or teamsto create more amicable working atmospheres and increase performance.