Criteria & Conditions

Criteria & Conditions

  • Participated the 12-day Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer
  • Signing of Legal copyright contract and conduct of ethics upon receiving materials
  • Payment of yearly fee
  • Deciding your training dates a few months ahead on DrDorisNLP Calendar
  • Following a template to write up your Trainer Profile appearing on Partner page
  • Informing of student’s certification data few days ahead of training for certificates to arrive timely
  • Co-training hours and internships, 15hrsfor ABNLP/ 100 hrs for SNLP Trainer Certification
  • For Running NLP Practitioner 2re-takes minimum as a resource
  • For running NLP Master Practitioner 2 re-takes minimum as a resource
  • 1Emotional Intelligence Foundation & Practitioner 2re-takes minimum as a resource
  • Selection to qualify for the position of Conscious Solutions Trainer and Partner upon level of re-takes and activity as a resource person
  • Interview with Dr. Doris

Our commitment to you as a partner is to increase your recognition and credibility and financial growth, support you with our materials, increase the quality of your trainings and provide you the support of our network.

Yearly Fee & Commitment

Conscious Solutions Partnership with 2 years commitment for 50000 INR per annum. Conscious Solutions Treasurer may qualify you for installments.

For each additional course with material materials 15 – 25000 INRone-time fee dependent on amount of material requested and Dr. Doris time to introduce them to you

Certify through us

Certification Fees


  • Your own certificates receiving our logoseal (CS)
  • Certificates done through CS for you which are already signed Conscious Solutions Trainer & Partner
    • NLP Practitioner CS & ABNLP 1200 INR/ 75 AED
    • NLP Master Practitioner CS & ABNLP 2000 INR/ 120 AED
    • NLP Master Practitioner CS, ABNLP $ SNLP 5500 INR/ 320 AED
    • EI Foundation CS &NAI 1200 INR/ 75 AED
    • EI Master CS & NAI 1500 INR/ 90 AED
    • EI Facilitator CS 3500 INR/ 230 AED
    • EI Facilitator CS & SNLP 5500 INR/ 320 AED

Co-training hours for Trainer and Master Trainers

  • Internships: Open schedule (one per trainer per month)
  • Specific mentorship hours during and after re-take of NLP or EI courses as meta-reflection hours counting toward mentorship & co-training hours requirements for ABNLP & SNLP Final Trainer Certification
  • Additional mentorship programs
  • NLP Master Trainer through Conscious Solutions Partnership, see additional document.