Master Life Coach

The full title here is NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Master Life Coach and it is based upon the same 12-day training as NLP Master Practitioner. Part of this process is also to receive a 8 Step-Coaching session by the Master Coach and Trainer. Additionally it includes further training in form of a mentorship on ten master coaching sessions. The NLP Master Life coach will give ten 1-on-1 sessions applying the 8-Step Coaching Process to ten people (class mates, colleagues, family members, friends or professional clients).

You will fill out a thorough template after each session in which you score yourself in the various aspects of Coaching and NLP to build and increase your ability to conduct sessions successfully. The template includes reflection on the following skills: the 8-steps, rapport, language models, motivation filters, neurological levels and change intervention techniques and the client’s feedback and more… In this way all NLP skills learned in the 12 days will be resourcefully downloaded and re-enforced.

Dr. Doris will supervise all your sessions through written feedback on your session reports. You will also receive a mentorship session by Dr. Doris receiving advanced and valuable meta-feedback helping you in the process of becoming an effective and successful NLP Master Life Coach. The purpose of this mentorship process is to empower you as a NLP Master Life Coach in a way that after the ten sessions you will continue working as a NLP Master Life Coach asking for professional charges. Part of the process is designing your Time Matrix, which means laying out your