Corporate Soft Skill Facilitator

Corporate Soft Skill Facilitator

Corporate Facilitator is designed to instil facilitation skills in aspiring trainers and speakers. The program focuses on helping participants understand the mindset of the learners and the facilitation tools required to ensure maximum learning in them.

The participants will learn different training tools that are designed for all three kinds of learners; Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic for greater comprehension. Organised training programs may have participants who will be willing to learn with great enthusiasm and there may also be participants who are forced in the sessions. A good facilitator is one who knows to pull all the participants on a common ground of learning, irrespective of their learning interest. Corporate Facilitator Certification is designed to teach you how to pull every participant to that common ground of learning.

Corporate Facilitator Certification is designed after half a decade of intensive experiments conducted on the learners at various levels, starting from peers, students at colleges, employees at corporates, workers at small and medium scale industries and people from various other backgrounds and areas.

The modules and lessons in the program are also influenced by the training methods of the greatest trainers from across the globe.

What will you learn in the training?

  • Tools
    • Energisers and Icebreaker / Wake ups and State changers
    • Partner Share and Class Share
    • Story
    • Audio
    • Props
    • Activity / Exercise
    • Video
    • PowerPoint Design
  • The most comprehensive training module structure; blueprint of a successful training program
  • 1:4 training structure (created by Talk To Us)
  • Techniques and tools for mass training (500 to 1000 participants)
  • Brien Tracy’s 9 step secret for achieving aspirational goals