Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Curriculum & Content Overview

This course could also be called “Emotionally Intelligent Communication” and was originally designed for corporate groups, leaders, supervisors and corporate or business teams to smartly handle gossip, talking behind the back, accusation and/or any emotional charge and to create amicable and collaborative working atmospheres.

However it is just as well suited for personal application and has shown tremendous results in clearing complicated marriage or family issues.

The 2-days Emotional Intelligence Practitioner focusses on how to communicate from a centred and resourceful place. Staying calm, composed and collaborative will be downloaded and extensively practiced until each student demonstrates their new ability to stop accusing or arguing and increase resourceful responses and results regardless of circumstances and what others do or say.


  • Directly influence the power of interactive emotions by downloading several new responses that work.
  • Apply The 4- Signals for Emotionally Intelligent Communication and understand that every emotion has a signal for us that needs to be learned and paid attention to. The four new responseswill increase communication andpersuasion capacity tremendously.
  • Learn the emotionally engaging “Consequence-Strategy” cut to the chase five-minute technique to boost engaging a client away from what they want to avoid and toward what they want to reach. This optimizes motivation in a remarkable way.
  • Learn to apply language patterns that address objections, complaints, arguments, etc. and transform them into a positive remark and response while increasing rapport.
  • Identify and transform any form of reaction into new conscious responses by changing how you internally relateto your emotions. Once you recognize the signal, you can deal with the emotion more easily and effectively.
  • Apply advanced De-Escalation techniques to enhance leadership and handle highly charged situations right away.
  • Practice techniqueshow to always respond resourcefully and bring consensus no matter what.
  • Emotional argument and conflict are based on patterns, that once understood, can be changed. Practice how to counter dilemma right away andon the level of detecting the underlying patterns.
  • The participant will be empowered to transform unnecessary wasted time in repetitive talks anddownload collaborative and professional styles of addressing emotions in any environment.
  • Utilize the 4-Step Leading Pattern that guarantees to pass on challenging messages successfully.
  • The “Communication Cleanser” is an emotional clearing process using correct language forms to distinguish judgment and interpretation from fact. The language forms of accusation and judgment will be discussed in detail and reversed by “re-languaging” methods.

Our ability to handle our emotions has consequences on the effectivenessof your interactions and communications on any of your environments and onany team member, group or colleague at any job and so measurably enhance personal and professional performance.

The ability to handle emotions for greater communication also affects anyone around you personally and so furthers harmony in parenthood, marriage and within the whole family. This course will change your relationships influencing the rest of your life.