Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Legal Terms and Conditions for Doris Conscious Solutions Consultancy Pvt Ltd Website and Program Agreements
Introduction to legal terms of program attendance

These legal terms are regarding any participating of courses, programs and training of any length on or offline announced on one this website or by DrDorisNLP.com. This includes all trainers mentioned on the Conscious Solutions or DrDorisNLP.com website. This also includes the partnership between The NLP Connections, Society of NLP, USA with Conscious Solutions.

Participation Agreement

To receive the greatest benefit, full credit for training and the right for certification, I am: 1) Required to attend all scheduled sessions; 2) Required to bring a note pad and several different color pens; 3) Welcome to bring a lunch. (Hot and cold drinks, fruit and light snacks are available); and 4) Encouraged to bring a blanket and cushion for more comfortable seating.

Terms & Conditions

I will keep confidential all information regarding group members and all conversations and process content (unless there is potential harm to self or other) which information would go to the trainer first). As a participant of the course I will be responsible for the use of the teachings and processes experienced in this course and how I apply the teachings as well as the materials. I will be responsible for use of the teachings and processes experienced in this course.

I will abide by all copyrights of documents, handouts, diagrams, manuals, stories, video or audio recordings related to this program. This copyright is exclusive and irrevocable. Under no circumstances will copyrighted material be reproduced, copied, published or passed to others. I understand that use of the material is allowed only on written agreement with Conscious Solutions and or Dr.Doris.