NLP Master Trainer

The NLP Master Trainer Training (8 Days) with Dr. Doris

The NLP Master Trainer is one of a kind. This is when Christina Hall took NLP one level higher than anything that was taught and experienced in the world of NLP and Trainer Training. Christina Hall has led multiple TTs and MTTs yearly, internationally for 25 years of her career.

Dr. Doris is one of the successor and the only ABNLP & SNLP Master Trainer, authorized and equipped to train the famous SNLP 8-Day Master Trainer Training as a Conscious Solutions training world-wide. This is truly the “one of a kind” NLP Master Trainer Training.


The Conscious Solutions (ABNLP & SNLP) 12 Day Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer. If you hold a valid International NLP Trainer certification of minimum 12 days you may join this NLP Master Trainer track upon completion of the SNLP – TT (with one of the SNLP originators, Master Trainers or Dr. Doris) is invited to enrol and bridge existing TT skills with “The Bridge” 3-Day Advanced TT” as the pre-requisite for NLP Master Trainer.

Each of the main elements of the Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer Upon the knowledge, experience and practice of the 12-Day Trainer Training (pre-requisite) each element will be built upon for your greater mastery level.

We invite you to:

  • Explore the deep relationship within teaching and learning as part of the same process and develop your abilities to facilitate group-unity, group-spirit and group-learning as a means to promote deep, accelerated and cohesive learnings.
  • Experiment with putting your training ideas into action in the moment you think about them.
  • Expand your skills to utilize whatever behaviors, states and attitudes may come forth in your audience as examples of what you are teaching to create profound shifts in thought and Languaging.
  • Stretch your abilities to bring greater potential into action and surprise yourself with your abilities to create powerful metaphors for development and change in an instant!
  • Extend the range and scope of your abilities to new levels of expression in ways that can exceed even your wildest imagination!.

Just as photographers create powerful images and responses by framing each image with their lenses and writers with their words, so do we, as trainers/presenters, through our verbal and non-verbal behavior.

Obviously, you have already learned a lot. And you know that there is always more. You have probably noticed that during a training, no matter how well you have planned, unexpected things always happen, some welcomed, others disconcerting, disorienting and perhaps causing self-doubt. Have some participants responded in ways that seemed to challenge and even perhaps diminished your feelings of resourcefulness, flexibility and freedom to choose? Even though we cannot always control events, we can influence how events are experienced, interpreted and understood, thereby setting a different direction and whole new course of action.

Become a high-level skilled Master Trainer certifying Trainers.