NLP Foundation

Curriculum & Content Overview

The NLP Foundation 2-Day training’s focus is to give you a rough overview of some of the NLP main principles and concepts and let’s you experience some basic re-programming methods. It is focused on self-development and opens the door to coaching.


  • Transform worry, over thinking and stress into positive attitudes and beliefs.
  • Understand precisely how thoughts and emotions are made in your brain. Learn the 3 Steps to change states of mind to maintain composure, confidence and centeredness despite turbulences.
  • Clarify the difference between your thoughts and who you truly are. Build your ability to identify and dis-identify from neuro-activity.
  • Perception is subjective. Understand what makes every human so uniquely different. Distinguish thoughts from fact and navigate and improve neutrality and objectivity.
  • Learn how to well-form outcome, values and purpose applying a step-by-step process to bring your potential successfully into action.
  • Learn how to hold yourself and others highly aligning with your purpose. Feel and respond from a purposeful place.
  • What is focus and where is your focus? Learn to differentiate and open up multiple different focus variations. Improve the ability to focus and access what is needed to live in the Now
  • Create and maintain Inner Success & Power Spots.
  • Successfully interrupt stimulus response patterns. Apply a powerful programming technique that works for you directly and long-lastingly.
  • Design and apply “The Circle of Excellence”

The 2-days are designed as a stand-alone module. Leave the 2-days fully grounded in the sense of understanding what NLP really is - and its multiple applications. Experience a thorough empowerment that you will integrate into your daily life.

Most students enjoy the course so much that they decided to continue into NLP Practitioner.