Trainer Training

“Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer” 12 – Day Training

If you are a

  • Leader and asked to teach your team skills or
  • Stand in front of audiences to pass on information.
  • HR or LND professional asked to lead workshops.
  • Speaker or Presenter in any form
  • Ready to present workshops and trainings for corporate groups
  • And more…

This is the only internationally certified 12-day full-fletched Trainer Training in the East that gives you a Corporate Trainer and also NLP Trainer certification. This is the essence of all our different Trainer Certifications.

It is the cream of the cream on the topping of the cake, simply a Master Piece of Trainer Training developed by one of the owners of SNLP as the highest standard of NLP Training world-wide. Our Master Trainer is directly linked with the originators of NLP in Santa Cruz, California and adds amazing theatre improv and the physical kinaesthetic component and more…

Most trainers coming to this training are seniors and leaders in the training field already. You will practice the finesse of language applications, exercise design, enjoy to mix theatre improve into your trainings and significantly improve your training style and capabilities.

If you are a junior in the field and wish to get more practice under your belt, this is the way to go!

With the completion of this 12 day training you may choose the title

  • Corporate Trainer
  • NLP Trainer

.. and from there go into Master Trainer getting certified to certify trainers.

This 12-day training is also the minimum to apply for becoming a Partner Trainer with Conscious Solutions, see our partner profile page.

For Corporate Trainer Title

Pre-requisite: NLP Foundational Knowledge

For NLP Trainer Title

Pre-requistite: NLP Masters from a recognized international organization