Rem DeCoding

Content & Objectives:

What is REM DeCoding?

Stress and traumas create blockages in both parts of thebrain. However, any conflict or emotional problem can only be solved when these two parts of the brain work harmoniously together. The REMDeCodingmethod is a performing and emotional coaching that quickly and tangibly reduces performance stress and increases creativity, mental fitness, and the ability to cope with conflicts. This all happens just after a few sessions. This resourceful effect is created by a basic intervention that seems very simple: the creation of ‘induced´ REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases which we experience while sleeping and dreaming. The coach waves in front of the coached eyes using rapid hand movements.

REM DeCoding

was developed by Andrea and Steve Connirae in the 80s usingthe NLP eye cues and it was later merged with Kinesiology.REM-DeCoding is one of the latest tools of Positive Psychology. It is so efficient because it combines NLP, the use of Kinesiology and expands the original EMDR. EMDR = “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing” is one of the scientifically most researched coaching processes.

The REM-DECODING is a coaching process which allows the brain to let go of these blockages. It influences and changes the neurological pathways of the brain. The positive effect is scientifically confirmed. It reduces trauma, fear- and stress reactions and creates inner balance. It is a very precise success coaching. These sessions are helpful for all psychological problems. (Eg.Fear of Public Speaking, Performance Stress, Low Self Esteem, Decision Making, Habits like Smoking or Overeating, Negative Beliefs, Top Performance in Sport and Business etc.)


It is scientifically proven that during the REM phases while awake, parts of the brain which had previously been disconnected, join together in an optimum cooperation causing feelings of stress to noticeably ebb away.The back-and-forth eye movement is essential for the brain (hemispheres) to rebalance, a fixed gaze would not work. The "motion" of the eyes is therefore an effective trigger for positive "waves".

As an alternative to "waving", the coach sometimes works with bilateral tones or light tapping techniques called "tapping".

Thanks to themyostatic test, a particularly well-researched muscle feedback tool, the exact issue is determined in advance and the effectiveness of the intervention is proven afterwards.

Thiscombinationworksdirectlywiththeoldestpartof ourbrain,theLimbicSystem.Blockagesinbothpartsof yourbraincanbedissolved,oldtraumascanbehealed, resourcesthatyouhadforgottencanbereactivated. Afterconclusionoftheinterventionthecoacheefeels relieved,strengthened,oftenrelaxedandcheerful.

REM Decoding coaching is also used successfully in high-performance sport, education and teaching, health, and in creative circles. The method is often combined with other effective coaching methods. Coaches see REM Decoding coaching as a tool in their coaching ‘toolkit’. Setting goals, coaching discussions and monitoring success are also part of REM Decoding.

Certification Criteria:

NLP Practitonercertifcation is required. After NLP Practitioner certification and two times 3 days training you will receive a certification as a REM DeCoding Coach.