Emotional Intelligence Masters

Curriculum & Content Overview

The Emotional Intelligence Master equips you to excel your EI to handle and transform intricate emotional issues like trauma, compulsion, addiction, codependency and guilt. It enriches your skills as a counselor, therapist, or coach with advanced physical release techniques according to Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. This helps in a most realistic way to conquer all forms of anger.

The Stockholm syndrome and the phenomenon of emotional enmeshment explains why emotional issues like fears, trauma, compulsions and addictions seem to not go away but resist normal treatments. These deeper-layered emotions also go along with the complex of guilt. We will be working with the phenomenon of the Stockholm Syndrome which identifies the negative enmeshment with emotional pain, co-dependency and or any compulsion syndrome as well as address deeper-laying fears. This is also calledthe “Meta-Physical Surgery Process”. Working with the Releasing Emotional Enmeshment (a 60 to 75 minutes precisely guided physical technique) will successfully reverse any such patterns.

Grief-suffering clients reportthat the DrDoris “ReversingGrief through Love” is an outstanding Emotional Intelligence Intervention technique that most effectively and successfully transforms grief. It empowers the way grief is held internally, at the time when the person is ready to stop the grieving process. “The Intervention “Transforming Guilt” will be run beforehand. A loss needs to be transformed into a presence in a sequential and specific way for it to work and be long-lasting.


  • Apply and inner switchboard to lower the intensity of emotions
  • Experience Physical Emotional Release Techniques which include Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen Bio-Energetic Exercises
  • Apply Improv Theater Improv techniques to express and release emotions and put them where they belong so you can increase relaxation and joy
  • Use the Happiness Booster
  • Understand the phenomenon of neuro-intensity and what makes emotions so powerful.
  • Most Addictions and compulsions are more strongly coded on the emotional than the physical level. We will be working with the phenomenon of the Stockholm Syndrome with the Releasing Emotional Enmeshment“Meta-Physical Surgery Process” which will successfully reverse any such patterns.
  • Bring your Desired Futures into Action with enhancing and honing your “Evolved Self” directly applied into your daily situations.

There is absolutely no content overlap between the EI and NLP courses as EI is a merely new and additional body of knowledge designed to add advanced models and tools to NLP and any other modality and to significantlyenrich any healer’s or coach’s bag of tools.

Most NLP Master Practitioner and Master Coaches take this course as it offers advanced techniques to most effectively transformaddictions, compulsions, trauma and deeperlaying fears. Everyone who works with people, and feels passionate aboutsuccessfully tackling these issues, will greatly benefit from the “Emotional Intelligence Master”.