EI Masters

Certification Requirements

The 2-Day Emotional Intelligence Foundation(2 days) from DrDorisNLP or 2 days of EI or NLP from any other recognized organization

Certification Criteria & Details

The 2-day EI Masters together with the EI Foundation give you the certification and title of “Emotional Intelligence Master”.The EI Foundation together with the EI Mastersaredesigned to fulfil the requested criteria to enter the EI Facilitator program. Before you enterthe EI Facilitator a brief interview with the trainer is required.

After these four days (EI Foundation and EI Masters), you will receive an EI Masters certificate and the title “Emotional Intelligence Master” – with the understanding that the practice of the techniques is needed to effectively help a client with these issues.

This also grants you for membership in our “Conscious Solutions World” Online Sharing Forum in which students engage, get answers to their questions, arrange session exchanges and learn more…