Emotional Intelligence Facilitator

Course & Curriculum Overview

The need of trainers in EI today is high. Organizations ask for EI training to:

  • Raise skills and effectiveness of any professionals
  • Enhance leadership
  • Improve interactions on any level, including with customers
  • Improve productivity and hence profit
  • HR and LND leads are asked to lead an EI Workshop
  • Many businesses, groups, team’s welcome workshop on EI

Learn to instruct short EI workshops as well as up to 2-day EI trainings.

Becoming an Emotional Intelligence Trainer is for people who feelsatisfaction and reward from helping others and creating a significant change in their lives. This EI Facilitator is an enriching process and additional certification to what you are already doing. It may initiate a new career for you!

Becoming an EI Facilitator empowers you to help others to help themselves and others. The processes open a person up and add tremendous value to their own development as wells as helping other in ways that matter to them coming from “heart-centeredness”.

This training trains you to be able to train workshops based on what you have learned in the EI Foundation. Basic presentation, emotional engagement and language skills for training are taught in an “easy & quick to apply” way.

You are not only asked to download the basic EI skills but to reproduce them right away. You will stand in front of groups and learn to present every day. Any stage fright or anxietyabout talking in front of groups will be reversed and your confidence as a speaker will significantly increase.

The EI Foundation now becomes yours fully as you download all models, concepts, and skills in this facilitator training in a way that you can teach them. You will be guided how to teach each module and receive multiple feedback from your peers, colleagues and also the Master Trainer.

The DrDoris EQ Test

You will also receive our 50-Questions “DrDoris Emotional Quotient Skill Score Test” in an open format on the first day of training. This EQ test is composed of a set of enlightening and inspiring questions that you will answer at the beginning and at the end of the training. Scoring yourself before and after the training allows you to experience this process and receive your EQ Score Test results on the last day of training.

The DrDorisNLP EQ test is not based on psychometrics; it avoids judging and labeling people. This fantastic rubric and framework helps you to continue measuring yourself through numbers and scores and helps you to help your students to do so. You will receive feedback in an easy and verifiable way to directly increase your EQ and personal & professional growth. The purpose of the DrDorisNLP EQ test is to provide you with immediate and long-lasting changes.

Our EQ Score test results show an overall of 64% increase comparing before and after the EI training so far. Upon your choice you can test yourself again after one and three months and so cast your long-term result of learning, practicing and applying these EQ skills.

For Whom?

This training trains you to be able to train workshops based on what you have learned in the EI Foundation. Basic presentation, emotional engagement and language skills for training are taught in an “easy & quick to apply” way.

  • If you are from the HR or LND field and have already been asked to help with EI training, or just want to make a valuable contribution
  • If you are in an organization and think you can help your department or group to improve on this Emotional Intelligence
  • If you are an entrepreneur and think you may consult or train in EI
  • If you are a Soft Skill or Sales Trainer and want to enrich your offerings
  • If you are a counselor or coach and would like to expand your work into giving workshops
  • If you are an NLP trainer or trainer of any sort and feel passionate about teaching EI skills to add dimension and originality to your training
  • If you are a leader who want to enhance your leadership skills to increase productivity


Emotional Intelligence Facilitators learn how to teach others to

  • Address and prevent “burn out”
  • Make the most out of people’s talents
  • Enhance professionalism and effectiveness in leadership
  • Include the Daniel Goleman Four Quadrants of Emotional Intelligence
  • Build amicableenvironments and develop more positive emotions at the workplace
  • Gain transformation techniques that help you empower your participants to eliminate misery and be on top of their emotions
  • Conduct the successful emotional release approaches using the body in proper ways according to “Bio-Energetics”
  • Conduct Anger Release Sessions according to “Lowen – Bioenergetics”
  • Elicit and lead extensive “Laughter Meditation” and “Conscious Crying” session to regulate body chemistry, reduce adrenal overload and bring greater balance into your oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin cycles
  • Get the experience to properly lead Emotion Yoga and Theatre Improv sessions increasing the ability to emotionally engage your audience and increase your overall presentation excellence.

Become a Rocking EI Trainer and conduct EI Trainings right away

DorisNLP existing EI training format through templates, manual, ppt and materials. In this way you can conduct EI Trainings successfully right away. and the power of emotional engagement’s positive effects on interactions Don’t know where to start? Learn to teach the existing format of a successful Emotional Intelligence 2-day training (including materials). You can derive several hour EI workshops or 1-day trainings from this material as well.

The Emotional Intelligence Facilitator’s rich experience gives you the skills and the confidence to work as a EI Trainer/Facilitator right away. You will be able to guide audiences,teams and groups off-and on-line in practical and significant ways empoweringtheir clients or workshop members in very alive and fun ways while being able to measure the results.