EI Facilitator

Certification Requirements

The 2-Day Emotional Intelligence Foundation(2 days) from Dr. Doris & Conscious Solutions is the basis of the EI Facilitator’s teaching background and content (materials) and therefore is the requirement to enter intothe EI Facilitator course. Additional requirements are Conscious Solutions “EI Practitioner” or “EI Master” or any other 2-day EI qualification from any other organization.

4-Days of EI are required for the final EI Facilitator certification. However, you may attend the EI Facilitator and receive all benefits and complete the certification with the additional 2 days later.

Certification Criteria & Details

This 3-day EI Facilitator together with the EI Foundation give you the international certification and title of “Emotional Intelligence Facilitator”. This certification is from the International Conscious Solutions Certification Board, 1990 Seattle, WA. This isthe only and highest certificationas an Emotional Intelligence Trainer you can receive in Asia, the Gulf and theMiddle East. Upon the merecompletion of the 3 class-room days (after your EI Foundation) and a Final Presentation of teaching a small successfully delivered EI Workshop in front of a small group, you will receive an international EI Facilitator certificate. You will receive the title “Emotional Intelligence Facilitator”.

This also grants you for the membership in our “Conscious Solutions World” Online Sharing Forum in which students engage, get answers to their questions, arrange session exchanges, and learn more…