What is NLP?

What is NLP?


N = Neuro, how we think, the form of thought

L = Linguistics, how we talk to ourselves and others

P = Patterns and Programs resulting from N + L

N + L = P

The way we perceive the world around us is directly influenced by the ways we think and speak and so feel and react! NLP teaches you how to run your thoughts rather than being run by them and how to rewire your conditioning patterns and so de-program and re-program yourselves. By learning NLP skills, you can learn to transform your beliefs and behaviors and so take charge of your life!

NLP can also be used to prevent conflicts, arguments and interactive stress. NLP ideas are revolutionary and increase communication, emotional engagement, negotiation, and persuasion in a very unique and directly applicable way.

The Levels of NLP

Conscious Solutions’ curriculum and content standards are aligned with the original Society of NLP, ABNLP, ANLP and ECNLP.

There are CSC’s Six Levels of NLP:

  • Foundation 2-days
  • Practitioner 5-days (includes Foundation)
  • NLP Master Practitioner 12-days (after NLP Practitioner)
  • NLP Master Practitioner (12-day training with two projects)
  • NLP Master Coach (12-day training plus giving 10 NLP coaching sessions with mentorship and feedback)
  • NLP Trainer Training
  • NLP Master Trainer Training

NLP Pres-suppositions, models and skills are practiced on the Practitioner level and mastered on the Master level. As a trainer one functions as a model to others and walks and talks NLP - and on the Master Trainer level to train trainers to train trainers.

What is special about CSC NLP?

Conscious Solutions’ NLP is called the most kinaethetic, body-oriented NLP as Trainers focus on the body and make sure the skills are integrated, located and utilized through the body. This is the true originally meant “Multi-Sensory Learning” as all levels of the human are included.

The 8-Step Coaching process is one of a kind. A goal does not mean anything if it is not related to time. Time is an important aspect of NLP. The Time Matrix makes you lay out, project and realize what you want in life in a way that it will come into fruition.It is the true “Law of Attraction in Action”. This specific tool is only part of Dr. Doris’ Conscious Solutions NLP trainings.

Meta Programs are many and they have been presented and taught in conceptual and theoretical ways. Christina Hall has summarized and divided them into the main eight Meta Programs that when fully understood through extensive language and behavior pattern studies explain the human being and its tendencies and actions holistically and wonderfully. This is the closest you can get to predicting what someonecan or cannot do. The Meta-Program Mapping process can be resourcefully used for effective hiring and team analysis profiling.

CSC NLP includes the latest and highest levels of Linguistics. In 1994 Richard Bandler said to Christina Hall “this is when the student has exceeded the Master” when it came to the advanced linguisticsthat Christina Hall had put together integrating all language models into poly-contextual pattern detection. Language in Motion:Templates that make you understand, utilize and apply the various verb forms and nominalizations into generalized patterns that you will practice and download into the way you formulate your speech more effectively, generously and elegantly.

Overview of the Special Benefits of CSC NLP:
  • Teachings in a way that physically implement the NLP Human Guidelines (NLP Presuppositions) with their concepts & beliefsincluding formulars called “Framing Outcomes & Setting Directions”.
  • Time is excruciatingly important. An outcome or goal only counts if it is coded in time. The powerful “Time Matrix” has four pillars and seven steps to create futures realistically and in ways they will happen.
  • Accelerated Learning Styles activate all sensory and representational systems. The method of Dr. Dawna Markova is utilized to optimize identification and application of VAKOG. Conscious Solutions especially includes “motoric” also called “kinaesthetic” methods enriched through Theatre Improv.
  • Advanced language models and their deep structure of change including story-telling and metaphors.
  • Including the understanding and richness of Emotional Intelligence into NLP
  • Innovative and up-dated NLP Intervention Change Models include:
    • Advanced Framing and Well-formedness with the 8 Step-Coaching Process
    • The Eight-Meta Program System, Motivation Filter Mapping
    • Kinaesthetic Time Line Re-Imprinting (five different 1 hr techniques)
    • The Kinaesthetic Phobia Cure (Christina Hall)
    • The original Strategy elicitation and implementation skills (as of Richard Bandler, CA)
    • The Awareness Process – Emotional Clearing (as of Dr. Doris, Germany)
    • Transforming Guilt Circle (as of Dr. Doris, Germany)
    • Kinaesthetic Belief Change: From Museum to Sacred Place
    • Releasing Emotional Enmeshment (as of Robert Dilts, CA & Paris)
    • Rem- DeCoding (as of Monika Dickhut &EMDR Wing-WaveCoaching)
    • Advanced Addiction and Compulsion Cures: Compelling Futures and Compulsion Blow Out (Richard Bandler, CA)
    • Advanced Polarity Integration (as of Ragini Micheals, Facticity Trainings, Seattle)