Conscious Solutions Certification

Would you like to up-grade your certificate’s value to global standards?

Are your students doubting your certification’s validation?

How can you best show that your certification is authentic?

Conscious Solutions Certification (CSC)

Our outcome is to give a structure to the global chaos of certification. Our focus is to easily and properly serve all your certification needs - may it be for you to

  • Become a certified and licensed trainer
  • Up-grade your license or certification
  • And toverify your student’s certificates

Our passion is to raise your credibility as a trainer, to significantly up-scale your training courses and consequently help your brandingvalue and business success. Our commitment is to provide the highest levels of NLP, EI and corporate training with the greatest possible ripple effects fromcoach to client andfrom trainer to student.

Our dedication is aligning the quality of training and coaching certification to global standards, and connecting you to our international networks.

Our purpose is to contribute to a world with greater composure, compassion and consciousness.

We are an International Certification Board in Asia and the East who offers trackable, international, integral and timely certification.

We truly care about our members and partners by investing into their personal and business growth and success. Our Master Trainer supports our trainer partners in totality, possibly even by sitting in their classroom shadowing, helping and advising them to their aspired and greatest level of training deliveryand proficiency.

We believe that quality of training and certification goes hand in hand with your reputation as a trainer and so your financial abundance.

As a Conscious Solutions Trainer you will become part of a rocking team.

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Come join us for your

Trackable InternationalIntegral Timely TIIT Certification

Conscious Solutions’History

Conscious Solutions is a USA based corporate training business and certification body founded in 1990 in Seattle, USA with Dr. Doris as the president. Conscious Solutions Consultancy is a Trademarked License body in India. Since then, we have offered corporate training with custom- designed materials in more than 12 countries.

Since then, we are certifying all levels of NLP and EI also offering professional Trainer Certifications and licenses. We offer international Emotional intelligence Facilitator certification and license. We also offer NLP Master Trainer courses for trainers to be able to certify trainers.

Conscious Solutions’ Vision

Conscious Solutions believes that consciousness is what matters to create global changes and that there are conscious solutions to each and every dilemma. Our focus is to think, believe, feel and live life and our relationships focusing on conscious solutions. Our Vision is to contribute to the global training market with outstanding innovative programs that help create careers and professionals in the realm of Coaching and Training on the premises of Conscious Solutions.

Why become a Member with us?

  • Increase your credibility as a trainer througha verified and easy to accesslicense
  • Yourcertificates will be validated from across the world on our Certificate Management System
  • Receive Member Trainer visibility on our website
  • Discount for our training courses
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Why become a Partner with us?

  • Receive a dual internationally valid Trainer Certification along with a Trainer License
  • Become part of a marketing system that signs up students for your training programs
  • Receive Conscious Solutions NLP, and/orEI or/and Corporate Training material copyrighted training materialand training packages which include all design templates and comprehensive documentation materials
  • And the support by Dr. Doris and the Conscious Solutions Teamto enable you to stand up and train right away
  • Receive mentorship and multiple support by Dr. Doris to use original SNLP materials correctly and teach NLP as it is meant to be
  • For first time trainers, Dr. Doris will train together with you for your greatest convenience and support.
  • Conscious Solutions Trainers receive monthly training sessions and support in building their business
  • In addition: You will be invited for trainings from our International Trainers/Experts from across the world.
  • Conscious Solutions Trainers and Team committed tomutually support each other toward personal growth and greater financial success.
  • Receive specified mentorship and internships for completing any of the requirements/assignments for.
  • Installment plans to enable your required education with us.
  • Appear on DrDorisNLP Calendar and scale up the visibility of your upcoming trainings and to increase your enrolments.
  • Qualify for NLP Master Trainer Training.
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Welcome to join our movement for a world with greater Compassion, Purpose & Consciousness