NLP Hypnotherapy

To Deepen Healing & Therapy Success Ericksonian Hypnosis

Have you ever experienced not being able to help your client because your usual techniques can’t quite grasp the underlying issues?

do you know moments when you just sense it is not the conscious but the unconscious mind that will have the answers?

did you know that your sub-conscious needs to be involved for long-lasting And effective changes?

would you like to enrich your bag of tools with effective hypnotherapy methods and skills that transform stress and pain and deepen any healing process?

The biggest portion of our processing lies in the subconscious mind as this mind is working 24/7. In this subconscious realm a vast amount of our potential and resources hide. And: there we can find the roots of human discomforts, negative beliefs, emotional pains and much more. The power of hypnotherapy is more and more acknowledged by mainstream clinical professions.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy is based on some of the principles of neuro-linguistic programming and on the presupposition that everybody already has inside what they need to return to their state of health and well-being. This model ethically utilizes the power of the subconscious to create change. You will learn clinical methods to induce relaxation, altered states and deep trance. Create a tremendous transformation for yourself and certainly for your client or groups.

Engage & Utilize the Power of your Subconscious With Ericksonian Hypnosis

Curiculum& Content
  • Methods to induce and deepen relaxed and altered states with erickson hypnotic language patterns
  • Transformation structures for eliminating pain and tensions empowering overall relaxation
  • Step by step procedures to shift unwanted habits, compulsions and deeper-
  • Laying fears and any issues
  • The art of metaphor and story-telling within trance
  • Self-hypnosis to dis-entangle from other’s issues and stay centered increase emotional, physical and all level healing
  • Tools to access hidden resources, answers and solutions

If you are already working with people as a healer, coach or therapist in the helping field you will be delighted to discover how these skills transform most stress or pain related issues and create profound and effective results.

Level 1, 3-days
Level 2, 3-days

Certification Criteria & Details

This training is certified by the international Conscious Solutions and upon demand by the Society of NLP. With successful completion of the 6-day training you will receive anInternational Conscious Solutions Certification: “Ericksonian Hypnotherapist”which authorizes you to practice hypnotherapy within your professional title.