Marketing Excellence

2-day Foundation

Most Trainers and coaches are knowledgeable and equipped with powerful training and coaching tools. There are several high potential trainers and coaches in the market who are struggling to meet their business & financial goals; one of the primary reasons are lack of marketing and branding awareness. Today’s direct and online marketing is what matters.

It is not anymore about the best trainer or best content but about your own knowledge or your marketing team’s knowledge and skill of online marketing. You cannot get around to at least know some things about how online works. The 2-day foundation workshop is mainly technical as it teaches the participant the ins and outs of online-marketing.

Even if you have or plan to hire a great team you still need to know a minimum.This minimum is packed into 2 days of mainly technical training. It gives you an overview ofentering into the social media world, creating your social media profile/page, creating marketing banners and even assists you with website creation and more… How your website will be linked to your marketing is directly linked to ranking higher in google. The course is also about writing powerful profiles and reflecting and manifesting your branding and branding value.

The Marketing Excellence Foundation is a 2-day training program designed to help high potential trainers and coaches with a plan of action to market and brand themselves to meet their business and financial goals. Thereafter you have the possibility to enroll into a series of 1-on-1 assistance and coaching from a variety of marketing specialists to best set you up.

The modules covered in the training are

Profiling and Branding
  • Niche – Micro Niche Who are you?
  • Identify Problemin the Market & Be a solution
  • Ways to propose Product & Service value
  • How to scale your service/product by powerful ways of creating offers
  • Positioning of your product or service
  • Learn the profit multiplier pricing
Profiling and Branding
  • Overview of online marketing
  • SMO pages and text
  • Annual Content Calendar
  • Creating reels, videos and banners
  • Create your own website or align with a technical & marketing specialist for your support
Lead Generation
  • Organic ways of generating leads
  • Paid ways of generating leads
  • FROGS/ Facebook Groups/WhatsApp Marketing
  • Facebook ads – Story ADS, Normal ads
Social Media
  • Making your social media profile – The Learning University
  • Video Making Mastery – Normal videos, Ad Videos, Animated Videos
  • Most effective ways for your videos: The 100 reel template
  • How to increase your income even if less than 10,000 followers
Sales System
  • Setting up your payment gateway on Razor pay
  • Setting up your scheduling system on calendly
  • How to ascertain your fee structures