Corporate Trainer

Corporate Trainer

The Corporate Trainer program is designed for the participant to lead trainings not only in the corporate world but also for any public environment or occasion. This course focuses on how to custom-design and structure content, may it be leadership, communication, change management, stress reduction and/ or any NLP related topic. You will learn the art of exercise design and how to professionally assess measurable methods for reproduction.

The Corporate Trainer training boosts your confidence, presence and charisma to professionally present through language scripts, speech practices and story-telling skills

for you to speak comfortably and at any length, may it be 2 to many days. You will be provided with structures, templates and scripts that help you organize materials, design content and apply accelerated, multi-sensory learning enriched with experiential elements to motivate best comprehension and reproduction of the newly learned skills. You will learn how to apply multiple feedback models in a way you will be able to measure exactly how much your students have learned in your sessions. The results of teachings will be evident and crystal clear so that you and your organizers will feel proud and satisfied about your training.

This training is also the basic element leading to NLP Trainer certification and qualifies you to receive NLP Trainer certification after having completed all NLP requirements.

Objectives of the 12-Day “Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer”

  • Preparation :- The most important about a good training is the pre-planning. There is a certain way to best organize materials and to lay out the structure of the plan.spaceLearn to apply logic and simplicity to structure your frames, content and exercises in a way you can easily accomplish your training Preparing and structuring the content of your material are the magic of your success as a professional trainer.
  • Learning – The Essential Metaphor For Presentation & Training Results: Learning is only valuable when your student can demonstrate what you have Isn’t it? Imbibe multi-level and multi-structured feedback mechanisms that optimize learning on all levels and at all times and allow you to test and verify the level of understanding in your participants.
  • Setting Directions:- Learn how to space design “Framing Outcomes &Setting Directions”spacein a way that fouces the participants on their own outcomes and goals. Increase your ability to differentiate vision, purpose and goals and also process and content outcomes and to apply and teach the same. Grasp the power hidden in the commencement and completion of a training segment.
  • Looping:- Discover ways to begin a presentation or training that directly related to the closing. Learn how to begin with the end in mind and create the experience of a unified field. Consciously stay on course of your content and what you say at what time to successfully accomplish what you set out to do. Learn to utilize backtracking and linking to a generally desired futures emphasizing common experience. Investigate advanced presentation techniques like Nested Loops to optimize engagement and accomplishing delivery results.
  • Audience Management Regardless of Challenges:- Stay composed, create alignment and transform any resistance or obstacles in the training room/or within audience behavior into cooperation space regardless of any circumstance or challenge. Optimize teaching and learning outcomes through more consciously and purposefully using the NLP verbal and non- verbal rapport and change methods to train in most effective and memorable ways.
  • Language Patterns:- Your Magic Trick Kit. Sharpen your quick access of the NLP traditional Meta Model and Sleight Of Mouth patterns to further them together with advanced Milton Model patterns into linguistic excellence for presentation nospace . Use the hidden magic of language and naturally occurring unconscious learning states to shift doubt or difficulty and enhance persuasion and conviction. Implement an even more powerful influence by consciously using your language ability in a more purposeful and precise way and to meet every audience precisely where they are.
  • Utilization Of Time - Optimizes Training Delivery & Results:- Discover the power of placing the phenomenon of time into your own hands. Learn how consciously utilizing time is the difference that makes the difference in producing a successful training. Explore. The Time Matrix to facilitate manifestation of any potential into action. Investigate how The Time Matrix results in avoiding failure including modification and functioning as the true Law of Attraction in Action.
  • Story-Telling<:- Optimize and identify expectations. Set the stage for creating states of mind and eliciting emotions. Advance your space language applications for indirect suggestions.spaceDeepen the subconscious and conscious ability to trust and learn. Communicate what you plan to do, emphasize what you are doing, and loop back to what you have done designing and utilizing stories that represent you, the learning content and facilitate the student to experience transformation just by listening to your metaphoric story. A great training day begins and ends with a well-designed meaningful story.
  • Exercise Design – Make Learning Fun, Easy and Memorable :- Discover how to clearly define the purpose and outcome of an exercise and how to always visually display it in crystal clear ways. Learn to design experiences that offer easy understanding and effective assessment of the participants’ ability to demonstrate the learned skills and new Gain advanced templates to backtrack and to meet expectations for any context or content and create long-term memory of the taught knowledge or skill.spaceAdopt procedural processes to divide exercises step-by-step guaranteeing the participants ability to re-produce what they have learned.
  • Effective and motivationally engaging presentations:- Learning and including “Transformational Movement” connects you to the power of feeling and instils new heights of motivation, commitment and energy.spaceExplore Advanced Expression to spice up your presentation and enrich any training content.
  • Kinesthetic Presentation &Theatre Improv:-The use of the body and techniques of Theatre Improv help you make any learning content vibrant, alive and exuberant. Practice expressing dramatically using your body and your voice in ways that create emotions and touch your audience. Applying Theatre Improv is tremendous fun, brings you over threshold and makes you learn a lot about yourself. Adopt techniques tospace spatially anchor your stage, emphasize memory points and feel not only as a trainer but as an actor enacting your content in charming ways and so your audience sticks to you breathlessly.

Certification Criteria & Details

With a minimum of NLP basic knowledge and the attendance of the 12-day “Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer” you will receive a professional and international Corporate Trainer certificate by CSC. Please ask for an interview with the Master Trainer before enrolling.

Conscious Solutions Certification as a “Corporate Trainer” is granted after attending the 12-Day “Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer” training, which means completing all hours and demonstrating all experiential sessions and successfully completing “the Final Presentation” on the last day.

If you have completed NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner twice plus 15 supervision hours, you may qualify for the Conscious Solutions NLP Trainer after a short interview with the Master Trainer.

You will receive three package including different level of services and certification for your option to be internationally certified as an NLP Trainer.

The basic option is mere completion of all training hours and presentations and a re-take of an internationally certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner plus 15 Supervision Hours for Conscious Solutions & ABNLP certification. The highest level of performance and certification is SNLP – NLP Trainer, which requires 100 co-training hours, a video of yourself teaching and an additional 3-Day Language Excellence or Advanced Language training.