Corporate Trainer

Certification Criteria & Details

With a minimum of NLP basic knowledge and the attendance of the 12-day “Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer” you will receive a professional and international Corporate Trainer certificate by CSC. Please ask for an interview with the Master Trainer before enrolling.

Conscious Solutions Certification as a “Corporate Trainer” is granted after attending the 12-Day “Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer” training, which means completing all hours and demonstrating all experiential sessions and successfully completing “the Final Presentation” on the last day.

If you have completed NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner twice and can show experience, you may qualify for the Conscious Solutions NLP Trainer after a short interview with the Master Trainer.

“Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer” Package 3

Is one of three options to be internationally certified as a trainer. It excludes written assignments or tasks and gives you the certificate after full-attendance of the 12 days and successful completion of the final presentation.

The requirement for certification is the full attendance of all classroom hours and attendance of all exercises. If any portion of the training or exercises is missing you can make up for that missed portion if it is less than 20% of the total training. You may then organize a partner or small group for making up the missed hours and exercises so you can demonstrate that particular skill.(An exercise can only be made up with the same amount of time and with the same amount of participants, no exceptions) and with your own initiative demonstrating the missed portion of the training to the trainer. Your competency of the missed lesson, exercise or skill lies merely within the trainer’s decision.

As all CSC trainings come with a free re-take, if within two years, you may also just come to the missed training portion the next time around and receive your certificate thereafter.