The NLP Master Trainer, 3 Packages | NLP Master Trainer

After Completing the Conscious Solutions & SNLP Master Trainer Training (8 days)

You have three options after completing the NLP Master Trainer.

1 - Stay independent with the CS-NLP Master Trainer certificate and go your own way
2 - Member: Gain the ability to certify through CS
3 - Partner: Full service and support to train our TT, and be marketed through us and certify through all three certification bodies; CS, ABNLP & SNLP

NLP Master Trainer Certification Overview

Independent – Package 3
Receive a Conscious Solutions NLP Master Trainer Certificate right after the training. You will certify by yourself with your own logo and certificates and without any Conscious Solutions support. You will be able to announce yourself as an Internationally certified Master Trainer conducting your own TTs and certifying Trainer.

Criteria: Completion of Language Excellence, Master Trainer Pre-Qualification program and participation of all Master Trainer classroom hours.

Member – Package 2
Receive a Conscious Solutions NLP Master Trainer Certificate right after the training. Enrol for CS Membership for 25000 INR per year. Certify through Conscious Solutions in NLP and/or EI on all levels.

Criteria: Completion of Language Excellence, Trainer Training and participation of all Master Trainer classroom hours.

Receive the International Conscious Solutions logo and the right to certify through us.

Partner – Package 1
Receive a Conscious Solutions NLP Master Trainer Certificate right after the training. Enrol for CS Partnership for 50000 INR per year. Receive full Conscious Solution’s support til final “SNLP & Conscious Solutions NLP Master Trainer” certification. Co-Train with Dr. Doris.

Regular monthly TT Internships, mentorship and guidance through the NLP Master Trainer until all written assignments and video projects completed. Certify CS, SNLP & ABNLP through Conscious Solutions.

Receive access: to all materials; TT manual, handouts and ppt included training to train our 12-day SNLP Trainer Training; Dr. Doris mentorship for new training designs, corporate materials or any training support: Mon to Wed 2:30 – 4:30 pm.

NLP Master Trainer Independent with or without Conscious Solutions & SNLP Certification
When you choose to stay independent you will take responsibility for all your credentials and certifications by yourself with no reliance or support from Conscious Solutions or SNLP. You will sign an additional copyright document agreeing to use none of our materials.

You will use your own materials, logos and certificates. You will complete all requirements on your own without the support of internships. You will be able to publicly display your CS & SNLP NLP Master Trainer certificate and call yourself a Conscious Solutions & SNLP Master Trainer. You will not be able to certify through CS or SNLP or ABNLP.

Stay Independent plus Certify through CS as a Member
As a member you will certify through CS and have the choice of your own photo and signature or adding Dr. Doris’ photo and signature will appear on your certificates.

Membership is 25000 for the first year plus cost per certification, see below. You will receive a license and the Conscious Solutions logo.

As a member of Conscious Solutions your certificates will be part of the valid international certification verification process. Each of your certificates will be trackable through the search bar and verified on the Conscious Solutions Certification’s site.

As a member you will be able to certify through

     - Conscious Solutions International

You will receive a Conscious Solutions NLP Master Trainer Certificate after full attendance of the 8 days. This will not authorize you to certify through CS.

     - Increase your credibility as a trainer through a verified and easy to access license
     - Your certificates will be authenticated from across the world on our Certificate Management System
     - Receive Membership visibility on this site
     - Receive invitation for the international NLP Conference Feb 2023 in Goa and online (every two years)

Become a Conscious Solutions Master Trainer Partner

Offering Certification in Conscious Solutions
     - ABNLP
     - SNLP

Become part of the Conscious Solutions valid international certification verification process. CS certificates will be verified and trackable on our new Conscious Solutions Certification’s site.

SNLP is represented through Conscious Solutions in India and UAE/East and all SNLP certificates as well as CS certifications go through one channel, Conscious Solutions, to make it fast and easy for you.

We invite you to become a Conscious Solutions Partner
     - To train the present 12 day TT
     - To train any TT of your choice
     - To train our 4-day Soft-Skill Corporate Trainer
     - Receive our materials, get a chance co-train
     - Half-fee for some of the CS trainings
     - Free 5 Key NLP From Prospects to Clients – NLP for Sales Workshops
     - Monthly internships with Dr. Doris & Team to accompany you to fulfill all certification conditions with assistance and easily

According to our purpose we wish to guarantee the quality of you training the CS – SNLP 12 Day TT. Leading this advanced program requires mentoring for minimum 2 years, maximum 3 years, and Dr Doris support to get the requirements fulfilled (for example 2 Re-Takes of TT and 1 re-take of MTT). You will get the chance to come in as a Resource person in further TTs (without any fee and for collecting your co-training hours.) and to co-lead a TT upon your request.

Dr. Doris is only able to mentor partners due to her limited time (which means you are not entitled to use any materials from this TT for any TT you may run).
It is also possible to become a partner for our 4-day Soft-Skill Corporate Trainer program.

Our purpose is raising the quality of training and certification to global standards, and connecting you to our international networks.

Conscious Solutions Partnership
… may include NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Independent Workshop & Corporate Applied NLP Benefits

1. International Certification through CS and or SNLP
2. Appearance on global Conscious Solutions Certification website as a Trainer
3. Authentication of your student’s certificate on the site (name or number vice versa pull up)
4. Co-training with Dr. Doris if required
5. Receive all materials needed to conduct the training (ppt, manual, agenda, enrolment form, script)
6. Brand Association
7. Appearing on DrDorisNLP and Conscious Solutions website under Trainer Profile
8. Appearing on DrDorisNLP calendar and with 50% stake on participants enrolling by Conscious Solutions
9. Social Media advertisement if co-training with Dr. Doris
10. Hall of fame on Conscious Solutions website
11. Receiving all materials, manuals, agendas, scripts, ppt
12. Offering all certifications through CS until final certification
13. Certificate numbers tracked on Conscious Solutions website

Additional Benefits:

1. An Outstanding Opportunity: Train your first TT together through co-trainership with Dr. Doris
2. Dr Doris support hours for co-training and mentorship hours (100 SNLP) in many forms
3. Qualify to lead the advanced training instead of Dr. Doris according to activity level
4. Qualify for NLP Master Trainer Training and Position of Master Trainer within Conscious Solutions
5. Meeting with Christina Hall in Master Trainer
6. Continuous Learning including sessions from our International Senior Trainers from USA and Europe
7. Becoming a Speaker at the International Conscious Solutions NLP Conference in Goa
February 2023
8. Position of honor in mentoring trainers of Practitioner, Master or Trainer level


1. Conscious Solutions Partnership for 2 years minimum (50000 INR for two years) as a requirement for certification to guarantee assignment completion
2. Signing of Legal copyright contract and conduct of ethics
3. Payment of yearly fee for two years minimum (you may ask for instalments)
4. Scheduling your courses several months ahead
5. Dr Doris is available for partners Mon – Wed from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm (making appointment works best) for any query, co-designing materials and discussing common training flow.
6. Writing your profile and sending a photo in CS standard format
7. NLP Master Practitioner with Dr. Doris strongly recommended to complete Master Trainer assignment (after NLP Master Trainer Partnership enrollment for half fee)
8. Interview with Dr. Doris
Eligibility for level of partnership: amount of re-takes merged with mentorship of below level trainers.

Our commitment to you as a partner is to increase your fame and financial growth, support you with our materials, increase the quality of your trainings and provide you the support of our network.

Our commitment to you as a member is trackable and international certification.

For existing/experienced trainer possible benefits through partnership
- Flexibility in the choice of modules in NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner*
- Flexibility in the number of training days for Practitioner and Master Practitioner*
- Receive your ABNLP/SNLP certificate through us

1. Practitioner 5 days minimum
2. NLP Master Practitioner 12 days
3. Basic Global curriculum standards for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner need to be maintained
4. Minimum 6 participants
5. Minimum 6 certificates need to be submitted in one sending

Certifying through Conscious Solutions
- Soft Skills & Corporate Trainer (4 days)
- Corporate & NLP Trainer (12 days)

Certification Details
- NLP Practitioner CS & ABNLP 1200 INR
- NLP Master Practitioner CS & ABNLP 2000 INR/ 120 AED
- NLP Master Practitioner CS, ABNLP $ SNLP 5500 INR/ 320 AED
- Corporate & NLP Trainer CS 6000 INR
- Associate Trainer in Corporate & NLP Training SNLP 9500 INR
- NLP Trainer ABNLP 8000 INR (plus 37500 INR for requirement mentorship if non-partner)
- Corporate & NLP Trainer SNLP 15000 IN

- EI Foundation CS & NAI 1200 INR/75 AED
- EI Master CS & NAI 1500 INR/ 90 AED
- EI Facilitator CS 3500 INR / 230 AED
- EI Facilitator CS & SNLP 5500 INR/ 320 AED

As a Conscious Solutions Partner we support you
for your:

- Co-training hours for Trainer and Master Trainers
- Internships: Open schedule (one per trainer per month)
- Specific mentorship hours during and after re-take of NLP or EI courses as meta-reflection hours counting toward mentorship & co-training hours
- Additional mentorship programs

Our purpose is quality assurance and offering verifiable certification and trackable certificates.

Multi-Marketing Funnel System

Membership (only certificates) or Partnership (signed contract)

Conscious Solutions Certification Board Member

- Part of Board of Advisory for Conscious Solutions Certifications
- Master Trainer who trains Trainers and eventually Master Trainers
- Speaker & Invitee* for the International NLP Conference Goa Feb 2023

These terms and conditions are applicable for the first year of partnership. Rules & regulations subject to change per annum. Renewal of contract subject to review.