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The Three Levels of Trainer Certification

Certification Criteria & Details of the 3 Levels of NLP Trainer

Tripple International Certification


“Conscious Solutions NLP Trainer” - Package 3

Conscious Solutions Certification as a “Corporate Trainer” is granted after attending the 12-Day “Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer” training, which means completing all hours and demonstrating all experiential sessions and successfully completing “the Final Presentation” on the last day.

CSC “Corporate & NLP Trainer” - if you have completed NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner you may qualify for the Conscious Solutions NLP Trainer after a short interview with the Master Trainer.

“Excel as a Corporate & NLP Trainer” - Package 2

CS & ABNLP NLP Trainer certification is granted after a re-take of NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner and 15 supervision hours.

SNLP Associate Trainer is granted after the above and three written projects.


The SNLP Final NLP Trainer certification comes after completing “The 8 Points”, see below. Fulfilling the requirements for certification as a NLP Trainer is a process rich in learning that continues after Trainer Training. If you choose to become our partner the process goes faster as most requirements will be fulfilled in this process. Otherwise the process may take 2 months minimum and should not take more than 2 years (if you are a full-time employee) dependent on your pre-experience and engagement.

“Corporate & NLP Trainer” - Package 1

This package will give you full service and assistance in getting all requirements for final CS & SNLP Trainer completed. You will be hand-held through writing up the projects, receive monthly internships for any queries and help with the assignments. You will also be get the chance to be a resource in all trainings for no fee and receive the opportunity to co-train with Dr. Doris for your greatest ease and comfort to become a rocking trainer.

This includes

• Gaining additional experience in the teaching of NLP (at least 100 hours),
• Receiving a 3-day Training in Language Excellence for Leaders & Trainers, which includes Ericksonian Hypnotic Patterning (with an emphasis on Hypnosis beyond Master Practitioner level)
• Serving as a Resource Assistant (no cost) in Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings (early registration required)
• A written test (done in your own time after the training)
• Submitting a recording of a training conducted by you in which students report after wards what they have learned

The cost of the 3-day Language Excellence and the cost of the final SNLP Certificate are not included in package 1.
Certification Criteria for a NLP Trainer
First and foremost NLP Trainers are expected to demonstrate the integration of the NLP operational presuppositions into their thinking and behavior (both verbal and non-verbal) and versatility in the basic NLP concepts, language models and skills which included the basic processes of communication excellence classified as Input Skills, Internal Representation Skills and Output Skills (Utilization Skills). In general. Trainers are expected to demonstrate competency, versatility and finesse in utilizing their NLP skills for everything they do.

Corporate and or NLP Trainers may also choose Applied NLP trainings (F.ex.: Leadership, Change Management, Sales, Enhancing Team Performance and Time Management and/or Soft-Skill Facilitator Certification)

Here attached please down-load the “8-Points” for final CS & SNLP NLP Trainer certification:

Cick here to download the 8-Points to Complete Final CSC & SNLP Certification
Cick here to download the Skill Description of an NLP Trainer