Curriculum & Content Overview | NLP Trainer Training

Curiculum & Content Overview

Through the various activities planned for your delight, you will also learn how to:

• Turn unexpected responses, for example, into a source of possibility and golden opportunities that you can nest into the thread of your training.
• Transform the “bonds” of unconscious habit to create an inner environment for focus, achieving your outcomes and living a process that is meaningful and fulfilling.
• For training trainers it is essential to download the NLP Presuppositions in a way that they become yours. Explore a unique and advanced way to do presentations on your understanding of the Operational Presuppositions. Enjoy also a str uctured way of scoring yourself in their implementation.
• Framing Outcomes Setting Directing will be further downloaded and extended with applying, demonstrating and presenting the “Quest Model”.
• You will bring the Key-Design Principles for Learning and Training onto another level through specific presentations.
• The Infinity Strategy will be applied every day in a different way until it flows into your presentations at different times and in different ways without any preparation.
• On top of the Improv Theatre techniques from your TT now you will excel with the C.R.O.W. model which is a fun training element that increases confirmation and uses auditory tuning cards that will greatly develop the use of your voice.
• The Living System Model takes another dimension when you go through the process called “Calibrating the Moment” which also forms for you new levels of Audience tracking skills.
• The Modelling “Wow” fun technique enriches your with advanced Calibration and Scanning Strategies.