Yasmine Kashani


Yasmine Kashani

  • Certified Corporate & NLP trainer
  • Certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner
  • Social media expert and Marketing Excellence Trainer
  • Graduated in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)
  • Completed Arabic language courses in University of Damascus, Syria
  • Certified Pranic Therapist & Healer
  • Self-Hypnosis therapist from Iran Clinical Hypnosis Association

Rooted in an Iranian culture from a background of a diplomat and lawyer father, Yasmine has lived in 4 different countries and visited 18 countries. Therefore, she can communicate with all nationalities. Yasmine started teaching English when she was a school girl and continued her job as a teacher and university lecturer for more than 20 years. Yasmine has always been keen on reading books, attending various courses and improving herself and her skills. Also she is a business consultant and coach for Iranian women who want to start their own business or change it to an online one.

Yasmine’s passion and misssion
Yasmine has been always passionate about self-development and impact on others to develop their skills and abilities. She truly believes that women can be empowered to do everything they aim, if they believe on themselves and their capabilities. Empowering women especially Iranians is her current mission of life.
Being an international speaker of self-development is her true passion. She believes “Everybody is responsible for his/her change and it happened within themselves first.”

Yasmine’s expertise
In 2023, she started teaching NLP and self-development to Iranian women together with Teachers’ Training Course with the aim of empowering and making them financially independent. Being active on Instagram for 9 years as an influencer, she started helping Conscious Solutions trainers and coaches to enhance their marketing style by learning how to use it professionally and boost their business.