SNLP & Christina Hall


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Conscious Solutions Certifications, CSC, partners with all the known NLP organizationsworld-wide providing global alignment of curriculum criteria and offering you any certification you wish or need..

Dr. Doris works directly with some of the originator of NLP. She is the director/owner and representative of the SNLP India and Gulf Chapter.

Introducing The Society of NLP

The Society of NLP, SNLP, was co-founded and established in 1979 as the original and official certifying body in the field of NLP by NLP Co-Developers, Richard Bandler to help people achieve theirunique goals and desires and to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others.

The Society of NLP is the original and largest NLP training body in the world. It was founded in 1979. It is recognized as the only licensed NLP certificationbody by NLP until today by Richard Bandler and Christina Hall.

Christina Hall, Ph.D. is one of six owners of the Society of NLP. Also, she continues to be the President of the Society, appointed by Richard Bandler in 1982.Dr. Doris works directly with Chris and the NLP Connection since 1990 and is now the director and representative of the India and Gulf Chapter.

The Society is dedicated to providing innovative training opportunities, designed to enrich your experience and interactions with others, emphasizing the fulfilment of each

Certification through the original Society of NLP (SNLP)

Dr. Doris, the owner and director of Conscious Solutions, an International Certification body since 1990 Seattle, WA, USA, representative and director of the SNLP Chapter for India and the Gulf. She has certified in all levels of NLP, Emotional Intelligence, and applied NLP since 1990.

Christina Hall, an owner of the SNLP, has certified thousands of people in the Art of Neuro‐Linguistic Programming at all levels of NLP certification since 1983. The SNLP is the original NLP organization created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who invented and developed NLP since 1976. All other NLP schools or bodies were students of Richard, John or Chris.

The Society has provided the original criteria for certification since the beginning of 80s as NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, NLPTrainer and later Master Trainer to maintain a high standard of competence in the art and skill of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Certification according to these criteria entitles the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner to use the official seal of the Society of NLP.

The NLP Connection, Christina Hall, Meta Master Trainer and Conscious Solutions, Dr. Doris, Master Trainer of Excellence, are offering Trainer and Master Trainer certification entitling the Trainer and/or Master Trainer to use the official seal of the Society of NLP, which is the original certifying body with the original and highest criteria of NLP certification.

All other NLP bodies, boards or institutes are students from Richard Bandler, John Grinder or Christina Hall and are subsidites/offsprings from the original NLP. The original copy righted and protected material is SNLP, CA, USA only.