NLP Master Practitioner

Special Benefit of Conscious Solutions NLP

  • Teachings in a way that physically implement the NLP Human Guidelines (NLP Presuppositions)with their concepts & beliefsincluding formulars called “Framing Outcomes & Setting Directions”.
  • Time is excruciatingly important. An outcome or goal only counts if it is coded in time. You learn the powerful “Time Matrix” that makes you experience having successfully accomplished what you aspire and in a way that brings the “Law of Attraction” into action. This specific tool is only part of Christina Halls’ and Dr. Doris’ Conscious Solutions NLP trainings.
  • Accelerated Learning Styles activate all sensory and representational systems. The method of Dr. Dawna Markova is utilized to optimize identification and application of VAKOG. Conscious Solutions especially includes “motoric” also called “kinaesthetic” methods enriched through Theatre Improv.
  • Advanced language models and their deep structure of change including story-telling and metaphors.
  • Including the understanding and richness of Emotional Intelligence into NLP.
  • Innovative and up-dated NLP Intervention Change Models include:
    • Advanced Framing and Well-formedness with the 8 Step-Coaching Process.
    • The Eight-Meta Program System, Motivation Filter Mapping.
    • Kinaesthetic Time Line Re-Imprinting (five different 1 hr techniques).
    • The Kinaesthetic Phobia Cure (Christina Hall).
    • The original Strategy elicitation and implementation skills (as of Richard Bandler, CA).
    • The Awareness Process – Emotional Clearing (as of Dr. Doris, Germany) Transforming Guilt Circle (as of Dr. Doris, Germany).
    • Kinaesthetic Belief Change: From Museum to Sacred Place.
    • Releasing Emotional Enmeshment (as of Robert Dilts, CA & Paris). Rem- DeCoding (as of Monika Dickhut & EMDR Wing-Wave Coaching)
    • Advanced Addiction and Compulsion Cures: Compelling Futures and Compulsion Blow Out (Richard Bandler, CA)
    • Advanced Polarity Integration (as of Ragini Micheals, Facticity Trainings, Seattle).

AllNLP concepts and basic processes of thinking and communication excellence are being trained as classified Input Skills, Internal Representation Skills and Output Skills (Utilization Skills).Any higher-level pattern can be represented as an ordered sequence of the basic skill level chunks.