NLP Master Practitioner

Certification Criteria & Details for NLP Master Practitioner

Upon the completion of all classroom hours you will receive a certificate as a NLP Master Practitioner certified by Conscious Solutions & ABNLP. If you enrolled for Package 1 you will in addition receive SNLP certification. The certificate comes flying in from Santa Cruz, CA, and signed by one of the owners for SNLP.

The NLP Master Practitioner includes a thorough work on outcomes, values and the formulation of a purpose statement that together with a Time Matrix will then be furthered into a written “Vision Statement”. Part of the certification is a Modelling Project that includes a demo presentation of the beliefs and behaviors of a chosen model. (Examples of successful modelling projects: Doing a flip-flop physical athletic demonstration for greater relationship and control over body. Walking, talking and moving like a well-known famous public speaker. Imitating Charlie Chaplin for increased humor, etc…) The Master Practitioner also receives multiple opportunities to internalize, integrate and re-produce a conglomeration of the various language models.