Hitesh Parmar


Hitesh Parmar

  • Corporate & NLP Trainer ABNLP, ANLP, Conscious Solutions
  • Certified National Level Trainer & International Level Presenter in adult learning with JCI
  • Double graduate in Architecture and Engineering
  • Reiki Grand Master & Teacher and Crystal Reiki Grand Master & Teacher
  • Completed more than 50 courses in Pranic Healing and Access Consciousness
  • Building expertise in NLP since 1996
  • Creator & Founder of Esoteric Architecture

Hitesh Parmar is a voracious reader, read 3 books a day before 1996 and have reading 1 book a day since 1996 till date. Declared as the University Runners Up & National level Table Tennis Player he studied patterns of success.He has received and he executes NLP training NLP for Business, Marketing, Sales, Health, Intuition, Remote Viewing etc.

As the Creator & Founder of Esoteric Architecture his passion is integrating NLP and Architecture to design Architecture, Interior, Landscape and Urban Spaces and with the help of empowering people withinhealth, wealthand relationships.With an everlasting purpose of empowering entrepreneurship Hitesh contributesto balancingand improvingall areas of life and spirituality.

Hiteshis specialized in engaging with and developing

Innovative NLP interventions and NLP Trainings like:

NLP for Realtors, NLP for Architects & Designers

NLP for Marketing, Copywriting & Funnelology

Beyond Psychometrics with NLP, Intuitive with NLP, Remote Viewing with NLP