Gregory Greene


Gregory Greene

  • NLP Corporate & NLP Trainer (SNLP, ABNLP, CS)
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified International English Tutor
  • Language Consultant
  • Sales Specialist
  • Certified TESOL/TEFOL, Rem De-Coding and EI Master Coach

Gregory,an American Citizen, he has overall 20 years of experience as a teacher and in the training domain. He has been actively associated with people from 15+ various cultures and passion is delivering English lessons, tutoringand training.He has taught English as a second language in schools, various institutes and one-on-one for multiple cultures most of his adult live.

He is an expert in American Customer Service, sales and effective communication. He is heading the management, call center and program sales and customer service at DrDorisNLP & Conscious Solutions.

His mission is to equip learners with more practical skills for customer service delivery, interaction and negotiation. He is part of spreading “The 5 Keys, From Prospect to Customers/Clients” in Conscious Solutions member and public trainings.

What drives him are the special AHA moments any of his learners acquire during his fun filled training sessions. His Slogan is “Each one Teach One.”