Dr. Poorni Sudhakar


Dr. Poorni Sudhakar

  • Corporate and NLP Trainer
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner & Coach
  • Homoeopathic Consultant, Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist
  • Reiki Master
  • Founder of Positive Powershift Academy, an online Soft-Skills and Language Academy
  • Holistic and Strategic Business Growth Coach for Consultants, Trainers and Entrepreneurs
  • Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
  • Trainer for Business Success withing the Health Care Niche

Dr. Poorni Sudhakar began her journey working with people in 1999 and embarked from 2011 onwards on a transformative journey into the world of NLP, completely reshaping her life. As a Homoeopathic Doctor and Counselling Psychologist, embarking on a global exploration of holistic health and wellness tools, prioritizing non-medication-based approaches for holistic well-being, she evolved into a Master NLP Practitioner and NLP Trainer as her preferred direction. She specifically followed Louise Hay and became a “Heal Your Life” Teacher and Workshop Leader. Her journey evolved into a multifaceted practitioner, incorporating roles as a Coach, Healer, Therapist, Speaker, Trainer, Co-Author, and Entrepreneur.
Her focus is as a Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner and Strategic Business Consultant to integrate her diverse expertise to empower individuals. Driven by a mission to empower consultants, coaches, and trainers across various domains, she aims to facilitate their journey towards establishing unique professional identities and making impactful contributions to society.

Empowering global individuals for holistic health, happiness, and success through integrated wellness and strategic guidance.

Creating 100,000 successful consultants, coaches, and trainers worldwide, fostering unique professional identities and societal contributions with successful business growth.

Providing comprehensive training, support, and collaboration for holistic well-being and personal growth.

Revolutionizing wellness and professional development with holistic methodologies, prioritizing emotional, mental, and physical health. Through collective expertise and passion, inspiring transformation, resilience, and fulfilment on a global scale for a healthier, happier, and prosperous future.

Dr. Poorni Sudhakar passionately applies NLP and Emotional Intelligence across diverse roles as a doctor, psychologist, speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur and is passionate about melting the success in those fields.
She has eagerly extended her expertise to empower healthcare practitioners, trainers, consultants, and entrepreneurs like herself. Through her comprehensive training programs, including Powershift Business Growth Mastery for Holistic Success of Entrepreneurs and NLP for Health Practitioners, she equips individuals to unlock their full potential and drive their businesses towards unparalleled success.