Bogdan Nitescu


Bogdan Nitescu

  • Corporate Trainer & NLP Trainer Conscious Solutions
  • Master Life Coach & NLP trainer by American Union of NLP
  • Ericksonian Hypnotist by American Alliance of Hypnotists
  • SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP 2, by Ken Blanchard
  • CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPIST by Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Working therapeutically with and coaching people since 2007

Bogdan is an NLP trainer, hypnotherapist and master, senior trainer at MetaBranding with Denisa Buttuca and founder of Hipnotransformare. He has been leading and developing professional and personal development programs within corporates for sales forces and managers since 2004.

His passion is neurolinguistic programming and how, together with hypnosis, people can live the life of their dreams. He is Conscious Solutions Trainer specialist for Hypnotherapy with NLP

Confession: “In the more than 20 years, partly as an internal trainer for a financial services company, freelancer in managerial consulting, training and personal development, I learned an extremely important thing.... Listen to people's story and tell them your story, that story that each of us tells, supports and defends in personal interrelationship, and then develop the story, and more than that LIVE your story and have the courage to tell it, openly and out loud to everyone, enjoying every second, every minute and hour of life, which God has given you so generously.”

The commitment to the participants is: “I will support you to create your life the way you want and to become the person you want to be, to build the story of life, a true story in which...YOU are the hero, and which will turn dreams into reality .... telling and living, living and always telling the endless story of good, happiness and well- being.” Bogdan is: "Your Guide to Excellence"