David Shavdia | Conscious Solutions Certifications Partner


David Shavdia

  • Laughter Yoga Trainer, trained by the founder of Laughter Yoga Dr. Mandan Kataria and leading Laughter Yoga since 1990
  • Certified and trained as Meditation Leader
  • Trained as Art Therapist leading energy art processes
  • NLP Master Practitioner and Guest Trainer at Conscious Solutions
  • Certified Energy Therapist in Positive Psychology
  • Study of Art and Mathematics at the University of Tbilisi, Georgia

David Shavdia studied Mathematics and Art at the University of Tbilisi, Georgia. After teaching Mathematics he totallyturned to painting and worked as an artist. He discovered Yogaand Meditation. Magno was trained in India as a Meditation Leader. David, also called “Magno”, is based in Germany and travels from there to many countries teaching courses in energy paintings.

He is one of the rare world-wide known Laughter Yoga Teacher leading processes from a few hours up to 21-days in Wellness Centers as well as in companies supporting teamwork and a positive working climate.

David’s focus and passion is: "Helping people to discover their creativity and bringing them together in a joyful, positive experience".