Nelly Hayek


Nelly Hayek

  • Corporate Trainer
  • NLP TrainerD
  • NLP Master Practitioner & Master Coach
  • Certified International Mediator
  • ThetaHealing Energy Healer
  • Bachelor Degree in Film Making

Nelly’s Background
Nelly’s work highlights the importance of empowering people and spreading awareness by bridging the power of the mind, the art of communication and energy healing. She believes in the endless power of the human being. She is committed to her work in order to transform people’s lives by coaching them to reveal their inner resources, strengthen their skills and acknowledge their truest potential.

Nelly’s Purpose
Nelly is passionate about working with people relating with them at a deeper relational level. Her mission is to elevate the level of listening and conscious communication for her clients to more clearly comprehend themselves and raise their ability to express same. Nelly loves helping people through the energy healing modalities she has developed. In addition she specifically shares her vast knowledge of the tools and techniques of NLP to increase the quality of environments, both personally and professionally. Nelly’s mission is to help people understand themselves with compassion and acceptance as an integral part of growing human intelligence. Thus, Nelly is committed to the core beliefs and core mission of NLP and to helping her clients and student to advance experiencing life in satisfying and fulfilling ways through transformation and reprogramming.

Nelly’s Expertise
As an ecologically oriented person, Nelly’s commitments is to avoid wastage of the earth’s resources and preserve environment, protect animals and ecologically rescue the globe. Some of her workshops and sessions are oriented around this important theme.